Harvest Hills will be a fully integrated garden-to-table neighborhood that fosters creating community through gardening and boutique farming.

The Land

Each Harvest Hills neighborhood will feature gardens, groves and boutique greenhouses that provide families the opportunity to grow their own fruit, vegetables and herbs through an adopt-a-plot program. Partnering with local farms and school programs, Harvest Hills neighbors will also be able to attend farming, cooking and gardening classes and trainings.  

The Farmhouse

The Farmhouse will create a gathering place for Harvest Hills neighbors with an onsite working farm, an aquaponics pond, recreational area and gathering space. The Farmhousewill provide lifestyle amenities, including a pool and tennis courts, for community residents. The Farmhouse will serve as the central community gathering place to meet neighbors, attend a farm-to-table dinner party cooked by a local chef, enjoy a day by the pool, play a set of tennis, or visit the fruit and produce stand to enjoy locally grown items.

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