Community Benefits
Harvest Hills will create more than $58 million of benefits for Escondido residents, including $35 million that can be used throughout the City for roads, parks and school benefits.

Fire Safety

Harvest Hills will enhance public safety and fire protection services by improving response times and emergency access for the project site, surrounding neighborhoods and schools. Harvest Hills will build, equip and fund ongoing operations of a new 7,000-square-foot fire station. This new fire station will provide emergency services to the San Pasqual Valley within minutes, helping to save lives when seconds count. Harvest Hills will also provide the community with a new alternate emergency access route to exit the San Pasqual Valley to the northwest.


Harvest Hills will preserve 70 percent of the property as permanent open space, while providing recreational opportunities such as nine miles of new public trails, and significant improvements and financial stimulus to revitalize the Eagle Crest Golf Club. As part of the Eagle Crest Golf Club benefits package, Harvest Hills will help build or fund a new clubhouse, develop a new signature hole, contribute funds for additional improvements and purchase an annual membership for half the community’s new homeowners.

Local Schools

Harvest Hills will invest in the future of education through a $7 million contribution to surrounding school districts – providing $3 million specifically for the San Pasqual Union School District. Harvest Hills has also offered to fund on-campus pick-up and drop-off improvements including new parking for San Pasqual Union School at the school’s direction. These improvements would increase safety and efficiency for families accessing the school campus. Harvest Hills will also help schools such as San Pasqual Union School maintain desired enrollment levels without increasing the overall population.

In the wake of declining enrollment levels, San Pasqual Union School completes approximately 180 students a year to reach target enrollment levels. Harvest Hills is projected to contribute 136 new students within the district, which will allow to school reach ideal enrollment levels and still accommodate inter-district transfers.

Economic Impact

Harvest Hills will create needed new housing opportunities in Escondido, fulfilling the vision set forth in the City’s General Plan and providing significant economic benefits to the local community. Luxury housing in Escondido will create a balanced supply and allow for move-up buyers to stay in the City. The proposed community will generate a total economic impact of $514 million during construction and ongoing annual impact of $53 million after completion of construction.

Road Improvements

Harvest Hills proposes to maintain the current level of service on nearby roads and will provide approximately $4 million in fees for additional improvements outside the project area. In addition to these fees, specific enhancements will include a new traffic signal at Rockwood and Cloverdale Roads, restriping to add a second westbound lane on Rockwood Road turning south at the intersection. A new signal and turn lanes will be installed at State Route 78 and Summit Road, and the intersection at State Route 78 and Cloverdale Road will be reworked to ease the flow of traffic into the San Pasqual Valley. A new traffic signal on Old Milky Way will also ease the oncoming traffic to San Pasqual Road.

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