Harvest Hills will be the City of Escondido’s first net zero energy, carbon neutral neighborhood, serving as a precedent-setting housing community for preserving natural resources and incorporating sustainable design.

Net Zero Energy

Harvest Hills will showcase the future of renewable energy-powered neighborhoods as Escondido’s first net zero energy housing community. As a net zero energy community, Harvest Hills will produce enough clean, renewable energy onsite to meet the neighborhood’s electric demand. Harvest Hills will achieve net zero energy by including extensive rooftop solar, installing advanced battery energy storage systems and featuring the latest energy efficient lighting, insulation, windows and appliances in all homes and The Farmhouse.

Carbon Neutral

Harvest Hills will help protect the environment and advance Escondido’s new climate action goals as the City’s first carbon neutral housing community. As a carbon neutral community, Harvest Hills will offset all greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions produced by the project and help create a sustainable future for Escondido.  In addition to methods to achieve net zero energy, electric vehicle (EV) charging stations will be installed in all homes and The Farmhouseto reach carbon neutrality. Additionally, to encourage EV ownership and reach carbon neutrality, new homeowners will be able to participate in a first-of-its-kind ownership financial incentive program.

Natural Resources & Open Space

Harvest Hills will respect natural resources and preserve 762 acres, approximately 70 percent of the entire property, as permanent open space. Homes within Harvest Hills are designed to conserve water with drought tolerant landscaping, recycled water irrigation systems, and laundry-to-landscape water recapture systems, in addition to other sustainable design features. Harvest Hills will also extend the City of Escondido’s reclaimed water infrastructure into the San Pasqual Valley, including a critical wet weather storage tank.

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